‘Gather Round’, and Adventures of a Curious Character

Two events make me write again, today: Apple’s September event, and finishing one of the books I’ve been reading: ’“What Do You Care What Other People Think?”: Further Adventures of a Curious Character’, a book by Richard Feynman. These have given me the itch to write and here I am, scratching it.   The stuff that doesn’t immediately affect me The new iPhones are nice. I have nothing to contribute towards the new iPhones X S that you haven’t already encountered through other people’s work. As most of the internet, I find the iPhone X R to be the most interesting of the three iPhones. I find it very hard to recommend things to people (recommending books to me, is tougher than recommending gadgets) since I want the recommendations I make to be suited to the person’s tastes. I think the iPhone X R makes for an easy recommendation, without knowing anything about the person in advance. I’m also very happy that, for the first time, the new iPhones are coming to India the same month they were announced. I’ll be sure to get my hands on the Max, and the R, in person.   The stuff that does I’ve long been waiting for a new Apple Watch. My Series 2 is pretty slow; in my books, it’s barely functional. I’ve seen the Series 3 and I envy its users for how fast it is. But I generally like to stick to (at least) a two year cycle with my Apple gadgets, so I decided 2018 would be the year I’ll buy an Apple Watch. The wait was worth it, and then some! Series 4 was the biggest increment over its predecessors, this September. I don’t understand the ECG sensor, or what it’s application would be in my life, but this is ignorance on my part. Regardless, I fully appreciate the technical achievement here, and I’m really happy Apple’s doing work to help people live a better day. Of the health features announced, my favourite was fall detection. Specially the bit where if the Watch detected a fall, it would automatically call for help on your behalf after a minute of immobility—the thought behind this feature warms my heart. Although, personally, if I fell, I feel like I’d now have the added burden of turning off the Watch’s one-minute timer before it starts calling people on my behalf…in addition to dealing with my fall. Three things I’m really looking forward to with this upgrade: A faster Watch, leaving my phone behind (since I’m getting the LTE version), and Siri talking back to me. One thing I’m really not looking forward to: the increased price.   The missing mat, and AirPods I was looking forward to AirPower since it was announced last year. I don’t like the clunkiness of wires for charging my iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. I charge my iPhone wirelessly already, but my AirPods, and Watch still need wires to charge them. Additionally, my AirPods barely cut it for me. Their batteries—both the pods, and the case—discharge much faster than when I bought them. Nothing out of the ordinary battery degradation (specially given the small batteries in the pods) but I’d still prefer a new set of AirPods. I’m also plagued by a bigger issue where the mics on the AirPods barely work. I thought I’d be picking up a new set of AirPods this year…and we got nothing. There’s speculation that the absence of new AirPods (I still think there’s something off about that opening sequence in the event) ties in with the absence of AirPower but I don’t think so. If either one of the rumoured features comes to the AirPods—handsfree Siri, or water resistance—it’s enough to justify a new set of AirPods, given the small size of the AirPods affords Apple less wiggle room. Perhaps the delay is because of getting both (or more) features in the AirPods? I’m not sure here. I’m willing to bet there’s an event (or a set of press releases) coming our way this year for new Apple products that didn’t make the cut for this keynote. If we don’t get AirPods even then, I’m going to have to consider buying a new set of the current generation of AirPods. The possibility of a second hardware event this year sure is exciting. I’m looking forward to see what Apple has in store for the new Macs, and the iPad Pros (in that order). Hopefully there’s new AirPods too.   Also: The Feynman book was great!

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