Apple looking to set up a distribution center in India

Husain Sumra, MacRumors:

The distribution center, which Apple’s global logistics partner DB Schenker will own and operate, will be in the city of Bhiwandi, near the city of Mumbai. An unnamed executive told The Economic Times that the center will “allow Apple to stock its products adequately, will ease operations and streamline its logistics and supply chains.” It will also help Apple maintain consistent pricing for its products.

Apple products are pretty much always out of stock here unless they’re a) very popular like the iPhone or b) not popular at all, like the Apple TV. (The iPhone 7 Plus was barely in stock on launch-day and Apple’s retail partners still have the MacBook 101 on display.)

Buying an Apple Watch was a terrible experience for me, partly because of the sub-standard retail experience and partly due to the fact that no one had stock. I haven’t found a single place I can buy myself Apple’s woven nylon bands since then—retail or online. I suppose this is some consolation?

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