Apple makes changes to iAds

John Paczkowski writing for BuzzFeed:

Multiple sources familiar with the company’s plans tell BuzzFeed News that Apple is getting out of the advertising-sales business and shifting to a more automated platform.
While iAd itself isn’t going anywhere, Apple’s direct involvement in the selling and creation of iAd units is ending. “It’s just not something we’re good at,” one source told BuzzFeed News. And so Apple is leaving the creation, selling, and management of iAds to the folks who do it best: the publishers.Apple is phasing out its iAd sales force entirely and updating the iAds platform so that publishers can sell through it directly. And publishers who do so will keep 100% of the revenue

To me, the implementation in this piece seems broad and suggestive rather than specific and definitive. However I doubt there is scope for speculation about this report anymore. Here’s how this story plays out in my head: Advertisers see Apple as a ‘control-freak’ middleman; advertisers’ interest in the platform declines; Apple concedes control in favour of both, the advertiser and the publisher albeit with a few quintessential, automated controls in place.

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