Apple, Reebok and Trapper Keeper shared fonts in the 80s

Jason Kottke:

Just learned/realized that the old logos for Reebok, Apple, and Trapper Keeper all use the same typeface, Motter Tektura.

Typography is so instrumental to good design. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a make-or-break factor for everyone but it definitely starts one’s subconscious along a path of like/dislike.

(Somehow related but a bizarre segue: I’ve always thought stairs have a similar effect on people. If you run a shop that makes customers climb a few steps, you don’t want your stairs to be the reason for the customer’s foul mood when they enter. You want to make your customers glide over those steps, not have them realise they’re putting in effort. I’ve noted shallow, long steps–more in number due to decreased height–are less tiring than block-shaped ones.)1

  1. I bet you didn’t anticipate reading about steps on an Apple blog, this morning. ↩︎

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