Apple reveals Q2 results

‘Aha!’, spurts Jim looking up from the screen in front of him. ‘iPhone sales have finally slumped’, his cheeks puffed. ‘How do you feel now?’
‘I’m not surprised — or even worried’, you reply with an air of nonchalance.

‘Why is that?’

You set aside your sandwich–the mayonnaise is pasty anyway. ‘Apple predicted a drop in sales. Some say sales this quarter were being compared against an unusually skewed number. I’d be bothered if iPhone sales slump next year too. Besides, they’re earning more from their existing users than before. Folks are flocking over from Android too. I think they’ll do just fine.’

Jim considers this a moment. Unsure, he says ‘I don’t think so. I think iPhones have seen their heyday.’

‘I think this sandwich is an abomination… We have our differences, count this as one. Tell you what Jim, old chap, why don’t we revisit this next year?’

You return to your sandwich. It’s still the soggy mess it was before Jim interjected. The tea should help wash it down though.

You should have it while it’s still warm.

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