Business Insider: Signs that Apple is working on AR

Steve Kovach, Business Insider (via Shawn King):

Apple may be the iPhone company today, but it’ll eventually have to move beyond the smartphone to find the next major computing platform.

Perhaps BI didn’t get the memo.

It’s all but a given that Apple is developing a car (even Elon Musk called the project “an open secret” in the auto industry). But when it comes to a new kind of personal computing gadget, several recent acquisitions and hires hint that Apple is at least exploring augmented reality.
[…]As always, Apple is tight lipped about what it’s cooking up in its research and development labs. But a recent series of acquisitions and hires shows the company is at least experimenting with augmented reality.

Let’s take a look at the evidence[…]

The entire article then reads like gathered material that is forcibly made to support an idea, rather than concluding the idea based on evidence; possibly even written for writing’s sake (the SEO checks out).


BI is using the tired cliche of “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” but what do you think? Is VR/AR “the next major computing platform”? While tech nerds may be salivating over VR and AR, do you think The Normals want this platform? Will VR be the next HD TV or the next 3D TV?

To me the current state of consumer-oriented VR/AR seems like a classic example of excellent technology with no vivid application- ‘Now that we developed VR, let’s use it somewhere’, rather than ‘We need to build x, VR fits the bill’. The latter usually appeals more to ‘Normals’.

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