Cortana on Windows 10 won’t let you google anymore

Russell Brandom, The Verge:

Microsoft is closing off one of the easiest ways to Google search in Windows 10. The company has announced in a blog post that starting today, it will block the ability to perform third-party searches through the Cortana digital assistant, as part of an effort to maintain an “integrated search experience.” The move comes in response to a number of recent workarounds, which used browser extensions or even registry edits to establish Google as the default engine for Cortana searches instead of Bing. […]

While Microsoft’s reaction is surprising, it’s not entirely unprecedented. Both Siri and Android’s voice search feature lock users into obscured default search engines […]

Why is this surprising? Googling through Contrana was a workaround anyway, implying Microsoft most probably didn’t intend on users swaying away from Bing searches.

Let me draw a parallel: Siri let’s you identify songs playing in your vicinity. It uses Shazam for identification and then presents you an iTunes link to buy that song.
It’s as if Siri should’ve instead let you buy the song through Shazam or —  considering how Bing and Google search are pit against one another — Google Play Music.

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