DisplayMate, on the iPhone 7: Best LCD display

Joe Rossignol, MacRumors:

DisplayMate Technologies has declared iPhone 7 has the "best LCD display" it has ever tested, calling it "truly impressive" and a "major upgrade" over the iPhone 6 based on a series of advanced viewing tests and measurements.

Remember the rumours about Apple shifting towards an OLED screen with the iPhone 7? I don’t doubt the idea of Apple choosing and OLED screen in future iPhones (yet another rumour points to Samsung making an OLED display for the 2017 iPhone) because OLED lets the phone’s display blend-in and become ‘one’ with the rest of the phone as it does on Apple Watch — ‘…you can’t determine a boundary between the physical object and the software’. (Probably no more of those ugly black lines around the iPhone’s display either)
It’s fascinating that in all likelihood, Apple’s OLED display is going to be equal to or better than the iPhone 7’s LCD display.

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