The end of Apple Man

Katie Notopoulos, BuzzFeed:

The prototypical Apple demo person is someone I’ll call Apple Man. Apple Man is a fortysomething dad who just wants to FaceTime his adorable children while he’s on a business trip, and also find a local pourover coffee shop while he’s in town. Apple Man has an Apple Watch (obvious). He needs a way to manage his photos of his adorable children and hiking trips with friends. He loves jogging and mountain biking and wants to use his Apple Watch to monitor his workouts, because he LOVES working out. […]

But at yesterday’s WWDC keynote, Apple announced new features for the Apple Watch that feel like they’re designed with someone other than Apple Man in mind. […]

The second feature is the emergency alert system. To me, this seemed so clearly designed for women – a safety alert system for walks home at night or through a deserted parking lot. Safety was one of the features women liked about the Apple Watch to begin with — like being able to call an Uber without taking their phone out of their purse.

This is a brilliant article (and a great angle at which to look at the emergency feature). I had a thought to this effect while watching WWDC too. During the bit on emergency, the presenter (not sure if it was Kevin Lynch) said something to the effect of ‘If you’re visiting China, it’ll dial the appropriate emergency number…’ and I thought to myself: How many times do I go around visiting any country? Why not pitch it as ‘Watch dials the appropriate emergency number for wherever you’re located’? It sounds more empathetic and inclusive of Apple’s broad demography. (On second thought Apple’s narrative may just be for touting the Watch’s intelligence.)

UPDATE: I forgot to mention BuzzFeed interestingly changed their title from ‘The end of Apple Man’ to ‘Apple Is Finally Designing For Women’.

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