iMessage for Android rumoured to debut at WWDC

Juli Clover, MacRumors:

MacDailyNews doesn’t have a solid track record when it comes to accurately predicting Apple’s plans, so today’s report should be viewed with some skepticism. The site’s source also suggests “plans are constantly in flux” ahead of keynotes so the release could be delayed, but iMessage is “definitely” coming to Android in 2016.

I have my reservations. The arguments in favour of this rumour are a) Simplicity b) iMessages are encrypted by default, Google’s Allo and Facebook Messenger aren’t, and c) Apple has released Apple Music for Android and iMessage could be a similar push for Apple into services.

a) Yes there aren’t any messaging apps — at least that I am aware of — that are as simple as iMessage. b) It’s probably a fair assumption that Android customers who actively care about encryption would also enable it on their messenger of choice (although this is a clunky affair on Google’s Allo) or select a different IM client. c) Releasing Music for Android gets Apple money. It’s tough to see how Apple would directly benefit from iMessage on Android?
Maybe indirectly, by giving Android users a taste of Apple’s side of the park? By making the life of a potential Android switcher a little easier? Or maybe just making Apple’s services more robust due to a larger user-base?

Regardless, I’d like nothing more than to get rid of awful old Whatsapp and hop on the iMessage train. So, if Apple does debut iMessage for Android and — by a distant stroke of luck — Android customers flock towards it, I’ll be a happy blue-bubbler.

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