The iPhone release date in India

Each year new Apple products are featured on the Indian page with a Coming Soon label (or no label at all) alongside1. This time it reads ‘Available 7 October’—for both, iPhone 7 and Watch Series 2 making it the fastest release in India ever. I’d like to take it as a good sign and say it’s a part of Apple’s continued efforts in pushing into India but I don’t think that’s the only reason. I think it’s more so because Apple is able to crank out iPhones faster than before, that they’re getting better at the manufacturing process. (Jet Black iPhones being the exception.)

You still can’t preorder iPhones from Apple online in India since Apple doesn’t sell directly here. Online sellers have had pre-orders in the past but the quickest way to have yourself a new iPhone is by booking it at one of Apple’s partnering stores. I pre-booked my iPhone 6S last year and stood in the line (barely twenty-thirty people, nothing compared to the ones in the West) at midnight. This year, I’ll be doing that for the Apple Watch Series Two.

Interestingly, October 7th is a week off the third quarter. When Apple announces iPhone sales for Q3—if they announce it—those numbers won’t include Indian sales.
(Maybe that works towards Apple’s favour because Indian vendors offer heavy discounts on consumer electronics during Diwali—one of India’s biggest festivals—scheduled this year at the end of October. That is the period, I assume, non-enthusiasts will flock towards considering a purchase.)

  1. I looked through and the iPhone 6S is the only prominent example I could find. The iPad Pro, for example, launched alongside the iPhone 6S and had a ‘Coming Soon’ label along with it. ↩︎

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