The iPhone SE design through Daniel Jalkut’s eyes

Daniel Jalkut for his blog (via. Michael Rockwell):

What’s great about the iPhone SE isn’t just its smaller size. It’s great because it also lacks many of the design shortcomings, petty as they may be, that its grander siblings possess. The so-called “camera bump” that breaks the perfectly smooth surface of the iPhone 6? Not there on the SE. The reviled movement of the lock button to the side of the phone, where it’s easier to press accidentally? Not an issue. Even the fact that the SE allegedly has a slower touch ID processor will not be viewed as a flaw by people who are tired of accidentally unlocking their phones when they wake them to view their lock screens.

I recognise that I’m an odd bird but I have never been bothered because of any of those traits of the larger iPhones. My biggest gripe is that I am somehow just not as fluent in typing on my 6S’s keyboard as I was on my 5C, even with two hands. It’s worse — I don’t know why.

I used to use a Nexus 5 some time back. It had a 5-inch screen and smaller bezels than the 6S and I could type comfortably on it. So I have a feeling it’s the bezels that somehow play a part in my decreased typing speed. (Honestly, it drives me nuts not knowing why I’m a slow typer on the 6S and it’s funny because not knowing why the problem exists drives me crazier than the problem itself.)


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