Lawsuit against Apple demands $5M in reparations

Mikey Campbell writing for Apple Insider:

The lawsuit goes on to claim that Apple, through “internal testing and/or through other means,” was well aware of iOS 9’s negative impact on iPhone 4s functionality. Despite this knowledge, the company went through with a broad marketing campaign advertising faster performance, enhanced security, longer battery life and other enticing features.

To me, this news would be of no interest and could easily be dismissed off-handedly (as with every other such article) without needing justification if it weren’t for Apple curiously advertising the newer iPhone 6S to customers with older iPhones. To be clear, my indulgence in this piece still doesn’t imply a doubt in my Apple would do such a thing; the counters are simply illustrations of why I think Apple, almost certainly, would not have purposely slowed down a legacy device:

  1. We’re talking about a company that spent resources into developing iOS 8.1.1 for the iPhone 4S and iPad mini to help improve performance for devices that suffered a sluggish experience due to an update.
  2. Just to strengthen the previous point of setting into stone Apple’s practices of supporting legacy devices – iOS 9 reduced the free space required to upgrade by 71% to 1.3GB,  elevating the upgrade experience for 16GB and 8GB devices(variants of the iPhone 4S); not to mention App Thinning and Assest Slicing. Either Apple is nuts (a proposition the Internet has tried to prove since the days of yore) by practicing counter-intuitive strategies or they really do care for and put in their best towards support for legacy devices.
  3. This one strikes me as the most curious and the most effective of the arguments- why were the iPad mini(and iPad 2) not included under the lawsuit? Both these devices are powered off the A5 SoC and 512 MB of RAM as the the iPhone 4S. Any problems caused to the iPhone 4S should be observed, marginally if not equally, by the iPads as well.

Time will tell but I have a strong feeling that this case is either not going to align itself in favour of the plaintiffs or might simply fizzle out…like others before it.