Lenovo’s New Thinkpad X1 Tablet

Tom Warren for The Verge:

While the main portion of the ThinkPad X1 just looks like any other Windows tablet, you can attach three modules to the bottom to transform it into a laptop, projector, or a 3D camera. The modules look like battery packs, and the “productivity” one extends battery life by an additional five hours alongside HDMI and USB ports.
Lenovo’s “presenter” module includes a pico projector to project a 60-inch display out of the bottom of the ThinkPad X1.

I always have found the need to walk around the house projecting stuff at 60-inches out of my tablet’s crotch with a $280 projector(‘presenter’ module). If that does happen to drain my battery at an unprecedented rate, I can just swap it out for the ‘productivity ‘ module to get a quick charge and revert back to projecting. How thoughtful.
(Meanwhile, the folks at Samsung are smacking themselves in their faces for giving up removable batteries)

The main problem with Lenovo’s modules here is that they’re incredibly tricky and awkward to attach. You have to peel off a case that covers the ports for the connectors, and attaching the modules involves releasing some latches to ensure they’ll attach securely. It’s all a little too messy for regular use…Lenovo hasn’t perfected the tablet laptop hybrid, but its additional modules are an interesting concept. Unfortunately, those won’t come bundled with the ThinkPad X1 tablet.