Motorola chief Rick Osterloh re-hired by Google

Recode’s report is titled ‘Google is building a new hardware division under former Motorola chief Rick Osterloh‘. I thought to myself, aren’t they always? I bet they’ll shut it down in a year or two.

Snarkiness aside, I’ve long considered Motorola the sanest among Android OEMs — ostensibly putting in more thought in their phones than its Android peers. Rick’s re-hire isn’t surprising either, given Google’s relationship with Motorola. The relevant snippet from Recode’s report reads:

Here it is now. Osterloh will now oversee Google’s Nexus devices. His new hardware division also includes a suite of products called the “living room,” demonstrating Google’s priority on owning that space. […]

For the well-regarded Osterloh, it is a return to Google employment, though it is a far broader role than his past ones.

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