Netflix expands to 130 countries

Samantha Murphy Kelly writing for Mashable:

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced Wednesday at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show that the popular streaming service has expanded into 130 more countries as a part of an effort to spark major growth.

Later, Sonam Joshi, for Mashable on India’s Netflix launch:

While the first month is free, viewers can choose from three monthly options henceforth: the Basic at Rs 500 ($7.50), Standard at Rs 650 ($9.70) and Premium at Rs 800 ($12).

In my opinion, India is going to be a huge market for Netflix despite the lack of major content that the country is hungry to consume. But my reasons about a possible Netflix-boom in India isn’t so much to do with more content as it is with demand for the existing catalog itself. Although I have no substantial sources to back my claims, I wouldn’t be surprised to know of an enormous amount of people who would be willing to pay for the content they consume (provided a seamless experience); as opposed to the current system of streaming it off torrents, which, by the way, has been the standard and only way for serious TV-watchers to consume new-releases in a timely manner in India.
And if I were to guess, Netfilx should attract most of its customers to its ‘Basic’ and ‘Premium’ tiers since these plans essentially translate to ‘Individual’ and ‘Family’, respectively.