New Apple Music ad runs during NBA Finals

Dave Mark, The Loop:

DJ Khaled and Ray Liotta. An unlikely pairing, but it works. Cause they’re at a nail salon.

Millions and millions of songs. Solid tagline.

I just can’t get myself to like an Apple Music ad.This one featuring Ray and DJ Khaled better than those terrible Taylor Swift ads though. Props to you for understanding the Goodfellas reference.

I’ve said of the Taylor Swift ads: they’re so bad that it seems like Apple Music’s ads are seemingly run by a team different from the regular marketting team at Apple. There’s more evidence in this ad (yes, I know I am going crazy over-analysing this but may we talk about that some other day?) wherein DJ Khaled presses and holds the iPhone’s Home button to launch Siri whereas all of Apple’s recent ads have emphasised the handsfree ‘Hey, Siri’.

(If you want to take the over-analysis a step further, notice how DJ Khaled holds down the home button, speaks, and lets go. Apple’s ads usually employ — what I thought was the norm — hold down, let go, speak.)

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