Pictures showcased by the iPhones 7

The new iPhones made a big leap in camera performance this year, as is the case every year. This time, among the feature list is the addition of a DCI-P3 compliant camera and display.

As per custom, Apple showcased some images in their original state to show off the camera’s prowess and I think I noticed some similarities in the photos.

You can go have a look at the photos on Apple’s website. Each photo is, generally, highlighting one of two properties—great photos in low-light and pronounced colour in the image; sometimes even a mixture of the two. But to me the absolute stunning photos are the ones where the colour is rich, there’s a healthy variation and a lot of mix-and-match of it. (Have a look at the image of the fair in this BuzzFeed article too.) I think DCI-P3 is playing a large part here1 and these pictures were taken to leverage the new color space. Perhaps what makes these images look brilliant is the fact that one’s eyes are able to pick up on and distinguish between the various colours in these pictures and in the process appreciate the nuance of colour.

If that is the case, the difference in iPhones 6S and iPhones 7 cameras would be less apparent in a bland shot that doesn’t have a lot of color variations in the image when compared to—let’s say—a photograph of a rich landscape.

I can’t be completely sure about my reasoning of course since I don’t have a side-by-side comparison, I haven’t seen the phones in person, and I am viewing these pictures on a display that doesn’t support DCI-P3 but I am quite confident these pictures were chosen with the new color spec in mind.

  1. Of course there’s a lot of work by the other components in the camera system here–the ISP, the sensors etc. ↩︎

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