Realm announces realtime syncing

The RealmTeam:

Today, we’re launching the Realm Mobile Platform, a new offering that integrates our fully open-source (see below!) client-side database for iOS and Android with new server-side technology providing realtime synchronization, conflict resolution, and reactive event handling. The new platform makes it easy for mobile developers to create apps with difficult-to-build features like realtime collaboration, messaging, offline-first experiences, and more.

Our Android developer and I run our company’s apps on top of Realm’s database1. This is great news for apps that need cross-platform (or simply cross-device) synchronisation.

CloudKit handles storage and sync across multiple iOS devices. From what I’ve understood from Realm’s article, their service only manages the syncing—you give up the storage in going cross-platform. And, as I mentioned in the footnote, Realm is far better at being a simple database than CoreData—at least for a beginner like me.

  1. Look, I’m sure CoreData has tremendous value as you start picking the onion’s layers apart in need of a deeper, precise functionality but Realm is far more manageable for a basic database. ↩︎

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