Recode: ‘Facebook Messenger now has one billion active users’

Kurt Wagner, Recode:

Facebook Messenger now has one billion active users each month, making it as big as Facebook’s other messaging app, WhatsApp, and the third Facebook product — along with the flagship Facebook app — to reach a billion active users. […]

If you’ll remember, Messenger growth really started to take off once Facebook spun the product out of the flagship app, forcing users who wanted to send and receive messages on mobile to download Messenger as well.

When Facebook segregated Messenger from core-Facebook, I — and a few others I knew — were inconvenienced by the broken integrity; knowing that the decision was intended to let Messenger grow as a (somewhat) independent platform was little consolation.

But I realised the gravity of Messenger’s segregation one day when I was sitting in my office and I wanted to contact a friend through a quick message on Facebook and get back to my work. When I opened Facebook’s website, I was conscious of probably seeming like ‘that guy who sits on Facebook at work’ to anyone who happens to pass by. I went ahead with my message anyway.
Also: I dont have the Facebook app installed on my phone but Messenger is present.

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