Refreshed software at the upcoming Mac event

I don’t think it’s a stretch to call today’s Town Hall event the ‘Mac event’ considering all the leaks and the ‘hello, again’ wording on the press invites. But among all the talk about new Macs, somewhere, there are hints at refreshed (Pro) software being announced at the event too. First, a tweet from Mark Gurman:

A Final Cut Pro website was invited to next week’s Apple event. So yes, a big day for video editors.

And second, from Luca Maestri–Apple’s CFO–during the quarterly earnings report (emphasis mine):

[…]and we’ll have some exciting news to share with current and future Mac owners very soon.

Pro software running on a refreshed MacBook Pro would speak to the power of the new hardware but it would be a complete package—so to speak—when running on new pro hardware; draw your inferences.

(Luca’s comment on sharing exciting news with current Mac owners may also be interpreted as, new Macs make for a great upgrade.)

On a side-note: The leaks of the MacBook Pro from MacRumours’ images—if accurate—have the same ‘MacBook Pro’ label below the screen, facing you, as on the Retina MacBook. I find that label very displeasing.

CORRECTION: Luca Maestri, not Tim Cook as I previously stated, made the comment on exciting news for Mac owners.

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