How a Rolex snob learned to love the Apple Watch

Steve Lundin, Commpro:

Reluctantly, I slipped up my left sleeve to look down at the ready, brightly glowing dial of the Apple. Its digital face actually looked like an automatic watch, with an evenly flowing second hand. Imposter. “I hate you,” I said to myself, trying to push aside the little tiny bit of creeping admiration for this interloper.

One more watch wearer talking positively about the Apple Watch. A tangential thought after reading this article: Reviewers judge the Watch as a technology product and place it against axes drawn by other technology products before it. It’s an understandable route — one that sometimes leads to an unfair judgement.

The Watch is judged against statistical lines drawn by the iPhone and the iPad. And when it doesn’t live up to the ‘Apple’s next ‘iPhone’’ tag, it’s looked down upon.

The Watch isn’t — and never will be — the ‘next iPhone’; neither, perhaps, will the (presumed) Car. From what I’ve read, the brilliance of Watch has stood out clearer to people who’ve previously been involved in the watch industry than technology folk at large; maybe because they’re asking the question ‘How good a watch is Apple Watch?’ instead of ‘How good a piece of tech. is this?’.

Numbers back a general understanding that the Watch is eating away at the traditional watch business. But what’s probably more telling is the anecdotal fact that no one actually hates their Apple Watch1. Instead, sentiments range from ‘it’s not for me’ to ‘I really really love it’.

In talking about it, I’ve seen people associating feelings with their Watch — the piece I linked to embodies this property too — in a way I never see people do with their phones or computers (I’m controlling myself from saying ‘people anthropomorphise their Watch’; that’s stretching it too far). This could very well be because the Watch is a relatively new addition to people’s lives but the ‘it’s a part of my life now’ undercurrent is almost palpable.

(I’ve been wearing a Timex Weekender since January, to understand the Watch better when I can buy one for myself, the experience is proving fruitful.)

  1. Well, maybe there was that one Gizmodo piece but I discount it on grounds of being bogus. ↩︎

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