Tim ‘rockstar’ Cook visits India

Nice coverage by Quartz, India in collecting relevant tidbits from Tim Cook’s activities in India. He’s watched cricket, visited Bollywood celebrities and temples, and college students.

No technology company’s CEO — none that I know of at least — is received with such glamorous fanfare in India. Sundar Pichai — Google’s CEO — enjoyed an enthusiastic welcome but his reception was more of a homecoming than a glorious meet-and-greet.

Associating with Bollywood and cricket is a solid effort on Cook’s part — an easy way to be noticed in the eyes of the Indian common-person. A visit with the Indian Prime Minister is next.

Lisa Jackson — Apple’s Apple’s VP of environment, policy and social initiatives is accompanying Tim in his visit to India too — spending her time in rural Rajasthan.

(Apparently I am not alone in my assessment that other tech. CEOs haven’t received such fanfare as is suggested in a meme shared by the Reddit India’ twitter account.)

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