Walt Mossberg’s Spectacular iPhone 7

Walt Mossberg, The Verge:

I expect [the iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7-inch] will make significant minorities of users happy. Plus, the $399 base price on the iPhone SE (compared to $650 or so for the 6s) may help Apple in overseas markets where cheaper and smaller phones are popular.

I wouldn’t use the word ‘minority’. Together with the price, I think the SE is going to be very popular; probably second only to the 6/6S.

Walt then goes on to list his wishes for the iPhone 7. It includes a thicker phone accommodating a larger battery, thinner bezels, wireless charging, 32 GB base storage (unequivocally agreeable), better software and a Google Now-like Siri.

Here’s John Gruber’s take on the matter:

Let’s say Apple ships an iPhone this fall that checks off every single item on his list. (Don’t hold your breath waiting for a thicker phone so as to provide longer battery life, but for the sake of argument, let’s just say they do.)
Would Mossberg deem such an iPhone “spectacular”? I doubt it.

Walt wants, essentially, for Apple to take the best aspects from every OEM’s phone and package it into the iPhone 7. That seems highly unlikely. Apple generally waits for a technology to mature enough to meet their standards before encorporating it into one of their products.

So, for example, wireless charging in its current form isn’t good enough for the batteries in the iPhones 6S so they aren’t present on the 6Ss. Wireless charging is feasible for the Watch and it’s present there. (Wild theory – Apple’s obsesssed with shrinking batteries because, among other reasons, it makes wireless charging faster?)

Additionally, Apple’s list of ‘Here’s how to become spectacular’ usually includes things people aren’t asking for and in some cases aren’t even expecting – 3D Touch, Swift, True Tone display on the new 9.7-inch Pro etc.

Gruber summed it up well when he said Walt wouldn’t deem said iPhone ‘spectacular’. ‘An iPhone that has nothing wrong and listens to people’s demands’ is as far as you can go.

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